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Raybaby is a baby monitor that tracks respiration, movements and sleep patterns using a technology that works on the principle of ultra-sound. It alerts parents when the baby experiences variations in respiratory/breathing rate. Such variations have been associated with fever and other conditions like asthma/bronchitis. Also alerts you when the baby rolls-over or does any sudden movements. Raybaby also comes equipped with an integrated infrared video camera that enables live video streaming even in pitch darkness, built in speakers, and audio monitoring that uses a highly sensitive microphone.


Many vital and movement trackers have wearables for your little one, some even containing lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are considered a safety risk to infants, and other wearables require upgrades depending on your baby’s growth.

Raybaby on the other hand is  completely non-contact. It constantly monitors your child from a distance, analyzes and relays any change in their sleep, roll-over movement and breathing pattern along with a host of additional baby health information. Check out our Feature List to know more.

technology with a signal power less than 1/1000th of wi-fi

Raybaby Baby Monitor in the press

"Raybaby raises the baby monitoring bar!"

Raybaby in the news!

Raybaby Baby Monitor in the press

Supported by HAX and Johnson & Johnson as part of the Consumer Health Device Program

Johnson & Johnson has identified sleep training as the number one issue faced by new parents. To increase the quality of baby sleep, Johnson & Johnson is constantly analyzing hours of baby sleep patterns.

Raybaby has revolutionized existing cumbersome and invasive techniques to accurately collect health data of babies that include sleep, movement and breathing data. The collaboration with Johnson & Johnson will provide parents with an advanced, sleep coaching system that helps babies sleep better.

Raybaby Baby Monitor Parents Review

Derek, Father of three

My second baby was always tired... an experienced nurse told us the baby might have botulism. A product like Raybaby would have helped us.

Raybaby Baby Monitor Parents Review

Gosia, Mother of two

My second baby was hospitalized due to some respiratory issues. After he was discharged, I was up all night. A product like Raybaby would have eased my mind.


Better than the best.

Raybaby Baby Monitor Comparison and Features

Raybaby is a one stop shop for all your baby monitoring requirements. No additional set-up, no multiple devices, no hassles, only information about your baby's health and vitals.


ordinary baby monitors


No Vital tracking

Limited distance coverage

Hacking and data theft concerns


No Audio-Video

No Respiration tracking

Wearables can contain batteries

Wearables need to be upgraded as baby grows

Cannot track vitals in the dark

Cannot track when the baby is swaddled


Only Non-Contact Monitor

Tracks both baby's breathing, roll-over movements and sleep.

Receive Audio and video

Talk to the baby through Raybaby

Create custom playlist

Playback music or sounds

Access with your mobile phone and internet

Get collage of day's highlights

Better security

Tracks vitals when baby is swaddled or turned

Tracks movement and roll-overs even when baby is swaddled

Tracks vitals when baby is not in line of Raybaby

sleep, MOVEMENT & respiration tracker

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