Meet Our Expert – Erin Labat

Erin Labat is a RN Case Manager and has been a Registered Nurse for a long time. In fact, her mother is a nurse, her sister was also in health care and her sister-in-law is a pediatric occupational therapist. In February we had a wonderful meeting with Erin and her family which has now turned into a longer collaboration, with Raybaby. We had an amazing Facebook event with her in March and now, we have her on-board as one of our resident experts.


Erin is also a mother with a lot of experience. Today Erin has two boys, Jon and Gus and a beautiful baby girl, Eloise. But the journey has not been easy, with two of her kids having a rare genetic metabolic disorder. One of her kids also has a Sensory Processing Disorder and it has a been a long struggle but with therapy and help there has been amazing progress. It has been a long journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel, which you can see in her fun and amazing Instagram account, where she documents her daily journey through motherhood.


Parenting can seem daunting and filled with questions, so it is always nice when we have parents with experience to ask about and discuss our struggles. We had a quick chat with her, about motherhood, her journey, our Raybaby, and this is what she had to say:


How did you come across Raybaby?

I actually had it sent to me on Facebook by one of my old college classmates because of red head of Raybaby which looked like the red balloon, and because of the name Ray that was my son that passed away and also for what the product was. It was something that touched a chord in me and that’s how I got in touch with you. It was such a huge coincidence and I felt like this was my Ray playing in on this.


What was your first thoughts?

My first thought was that OK cool, a nice new technology … but when I sat down to really look at the features and what the product did, I was amazed. We have three kids in our house now, so we have used many monitors – from the basic audio/video to the ones that are the more advanced breath tracking monitors. But, all had to be either clipped into the mattress or the baby in one way or the other, which would mean there are cords, and that means risks. As I started looking at Raybaby - to know that it does not even have to touch my kids, and tell me so much more than the other monitors ever can it was amazing! Just amazing!


How does these new monitors help for a parent?

Now-a-days it is a norm to have some sort of a tracker or a video monitor or the other. With respect to technology, it is huge. The information we get as parents, especially first-time parents, for our piece of mind, it is wonderful.


What is your thoughts on the Memory Manager feature of Raybaby?

It is really cool. The thought behind it is really great. Coming from a parent who takes a lot of photos and feels that they grow too quickly, I think this feature is really nice. Something more for parents to have and cherish, especially for parents who might not be physically there at that time to see when their baby turned for the first time, or tried to sit up… all those efforts will be wonderful to view. Also, I love to see my kids even when they are sleeping, so if you are giving me more of my kid’s photos, keep them coming.


Erin is going to be one of our resident experts. We look forward to hosting another Facebook event with Erin soon where you can ask her questions and know her thoughts on various topics. Head over to the expert section in the forum to say hi to our new expert and ask her questions in advance. You can always write it in the comment section below too, or visit her website at to know more about her work and her story.