Raybaby at Target Open House

We are super excited to be part of Target's Open House! Open House is a first-of-its-kind home experience in San Francisco that displays smart products in all areas of the home. With an array of products like our Raybaby monitor, that work together, making life easier, safer, healthier and more fun Target Open House is a place to explore, learn and buy products that works for buyer's individualistic needs.

We are currently in the prestigious Garage area of Target Open House, with just around fifteen other products that are being showcased as a peek behind the door of what is still in the works and coming soon on retail shelves. We at Raybaby are building a smart baby monitor that tracks your baby's vitals and sends updates and notifications directly to your mobile phones, without touching your baby all the while creating a connected nursery for you and your child.

We are extremely psyched to have this opportunity to participate alongside other smart devices at Open House. Combining technology, parenting, peace of mind, and healthy, well rested babies is our goal. By introducing a smart nursery products into your home, you can bring comfort to you and your little one as you go through the nursery routine smoothly and efficiently.

Come checkout Raybaby in person from July 20th at Target Open House, 115 4th Street, San Francisco, CA. Open House will be open to the public from 10am - 8pm on Monday - Wednesday and Friday, 10am - 5pm on Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm. Hope you can make it and interact with all the cool, new gadgets including Raybaby and Pre-Order one for you or your loved ones.