Raybaby Baby Monitor

Raybaby Baby Monitor

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Welcome to the world's 1st non-contact vital baby monitor!

Raybaby lets you track your baby's breathing, movement, roll-overs and sleeping from a safe distance.

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Through a technology that works on the principles of ultra sound, but using ultra low power radio waves (1/1000th of Wifi),  Raybaby tracks respiration rate (baby’s breathing) with an accuracy of 98%.  It alerts when the baby has a higher respiratory rate which is associated with fever. It recognizes warning signs and abnormal breathing and instantly send alerts


Raybaby monitors your baby’s sleep cycle and lets you know, how much your baby has slept, how much he/she needs to sleep and alerts when the baby wakes up or rolls over.


Raybaby builds up a picture and video collage of your baby's most precious moments.

From the first time your child rolled over to the very first word it said. Never miss those once in a lifetime memories and get a chance to relive them on your phone.


Raybaby is discreet and is available in three beautiful colors.

You've put weeks of effort into the baby room, hand picked the cotton and matched the stuffed toys. Everything looks perfect. So why would you bring home a clunky baby monitor that stands out sore?

Raybaby has been designed keeping in mind your tastes; inconspicuous, single-wired, and might we say - even elegant. 


Besides all these, you get access to a community of momsand experts.  

You also can get a customized smart health journal which you can use to show it to your doctor.

The app lets you share your little ones progress with other parents and lets you interact with them. Also be part of special events created specially for new parents and learn more.