Raybaby Non-Contact Vital Baby Monitor

Respiration Rate


Respiratory rate is simply the number of breaths a baby takes per minute.  Normal respiration rates  for infants at rest ranges from 25-40 breaths per minute.  A little-known fact is that respiratory rate is quite possibly the most important medical marker there is. Disruptions in breathing need not simply be an indicator of respiratory illness. There is substantial evidence that alterations in respiratory rate can be used to predict potentially serious clinical events such as cardiac arrest.

While several contact and non-contact devices are available for the tracking of respiratory rate, the most common method is by physical assessment, observing a person’s chest and counting the number of breaths for one minute characteristics. Using a non-contact method of tracking is of vital importance when taking into consideration factors such as the recording comfort and hygiene and the accuracy of recorded rates. This approach becomes more necessary when the subject in question is a child or infant since skin care and child safety are important factors. 

Respiration rate tracking is critical in management of Asthma or Bronchitis in babies.  Our device will track respiration rate in babies and let you know when there is any change.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Crib Death happens for no reason.  Tracking respiration rate will let the parents keep a track of the baby's breathing every minute.

aybaby addresses the need for non-contact monitoring with a simple wall-mounted device that tracks a baby’s well-being and stays out of reach of curious baby fingers. There is no question of a baby ripping the unit off the wall, no likelihood of exploding batteries or choking hazards from wires near the baby.  Raybaby is a parent’s one-stop shop to baby monitoring.