Raybaby Non-Contact Vital Baby Monitor

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Raybaby Non-Contact Vital Baby Monitor Founders

Team Raybaby

Raybaby was created by 3 engineers (ex-Cornell, ex-University of Georgia, ex-Microsoft) - Ranjana, Aardra and Sanchi.


We were the highly qualified baby-sitters for friends and family for the past 10 years. We realized there had to be a better method than putting our hands on the baby's chest or use video surveillance systems or invasive battery operated devices to see if the baby was ok. We believe we can make a difference and make parents' lives a tad easier.

We have been working on creating a baby monitor that is better than everything else in the market in terms of design and accuracy and functionality.

We were in China with HAX for four months to create the product.

With the support by Johnson & Johnson and HAX as part of the Consumer Health Device program we are manufacturing Raybaby and bringing this state of the art baby monitor to all the new parents who are at the cusp of a new beginning with their new baby.

We have a cumulative experience of over 30 years in industry and research. We build the things we believe should exist.  We have a proven track record of developing cutting-edge AI powered healthcare systems. 


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